Iran, the leading country in stone industry

Extraction and use of building stones in Iran has a long history. The use of these rocks in the first millennia of the formation of civilization in the land of Iran, both as construction stones and decorative stones inside the buildings was customary. Which can be noted works such as Persepolis and Pasargad.
With its rich resources and reserves in decorative stones, Iran produces more than 13,500,000 tons of stones from 1,600 active mines annually, which is for 11.63% of the world's annual production. Additionally, more than 7,000 specialized sintered glass mills process at least 120 million square meters, which over the years have been using modern Italian devices to bring their processing levels to global standards.

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Supply and Export

Moje Faal Kish International company with the benefit of Iran's largest stone mines and factories has been active in supplying all type of constructions stone needs both in Iran and exporting aboard to European countries and Persian gulf states.

Marble stone

Marble is a rock that has been transformed by re-crystallization of limestone. Minerals extracted from impurities give the marble a variety of colors. The marble stone is a valuable stone for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. In contrast to travertine, marble stone is more widely used because of its higher hardness and porosity for use on floors and stairs.

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Marble is the result of metamorphism of limestone. In fact, marble has been subjected to more transverse marble. Marble is used for decoration and interior use such as floor, wall and artwork. Marble resistance against moisture, air pollution and sulfur gases is low, therefore, it is not suitable for outdoor building in polluted cities. For exterior surfaces, the mercury level is recommended.

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Travertine is the product of old limestone springs. Travertine is considered to be the most widely used and most ideal construction stone due to its inherent resistance, perfect cutting ability and polishedness,appearance beauty,porosity to adhere to the mortar. Other tracers are accepting various types of processing on their surface. The best choice for outdoor spaces, whether they are facades or yards, or even travertine artifacts.

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it is a type of igneous rock that is very hard, durable and highly polished. Forging and polishing, it is possible from the usual substrate and stone facade to the stage of veneering. The crushed gravel for the preparation of concrete pavement of the road and railroad and the construction of it for monuments, infrastructure underfloor, interior and exterior decoration and flooring.

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